Wellness as PREVENTATIVE healthcare is the fundamental focus

“Each year, millions of women and children die from PREVENTABLE causes” WHO Global Strategy for Women’s and Child’s health. 

South Africa has a double burden of disease with both HIV and TB being leading causes of death in the country

At SEGAMETSI we believe in a healthy living, everyday.
We run clinics to assist with immunisation, advice and other health related issues, as well as address relevant topics for better understanding of what it means to be healthy.This includes community screening, Road-to-Wellness specific protocols, Home Care Worker and Sister / Clinical Practitioner networks supported by a medical doctor for accreditation.

Segametsi consults in programmes focused on:

  • Child and adolescent health
  • Adulthood and raging
  • Chronic disease awareness and prevention
Socio-Economic Land Transformation & Benefication, Sustainable Infrastructure, Greenhouse Structures, Speciality Fertilisers, Climate Control Systems
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Nutritional focus is primary for a healthy community. This prioritises quality food sources with high nutritional content, locally grown quality crops with a short field to table cycle.