Correctly identified and resultant training and education linked to the opportunities inherent within a community empowers them to become the future commercial leaders and job providers of their community.

Entrepreneurial screening is critical to identify potential entrepreneurs. 

Over and above the adult training and education programs, Segametsi is  involved in early childhood development, including creche feeding and support programmes.

Segametsi also matches school needs and wish lists with corporate sponsors through our SOS (Save our Schools) and Smart Online School initiatives.

Segametsi has developed platforms where job seekers can access easy-to-use templates and upload their credentials, as well as have the opportunity of increasing their credential rating via a verification process and thereby build their employment history.  

Potential employers have access to a pool of vetted job seekers and can make a much more informed match for the position available.

The ability for Corporates to load current and upcoming opportunities for job seekers where sub-contractors can view these opportunities and subsequently apply 


A web and mobile based application to link job seekers to corporates.
In keeping with our Mission Statement of Bridging the Gap between the Formal and Informal Sectors, we have created a single gateway for Recruitment, Empowerment & Placement
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Segametsi holds an equity stake in WINDE, a private investment company driving the participation of women SMEs as shareholders, procurement partners and service providers.
Strategy to acquire women equity stake in strategic infrastructure and related projects. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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We realise the importance of having a presence on the internet if you want to be seen in today's world. We offer web design templates that allow YOU to communicate your school's news and needs.
DIY websites for schools that leave YOU in charge, also includes full digital integration with social media facilitates for further exposure
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Equipping under resourced Schools with fundraising tools that can assist them to have the necessary means to gain resources and to improve their learner experience.
One of the greatest obstacles to global online fundraising has been that there is no South African database of validated Schools
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Subcontractor Incubation for Transformation and Empowerment
A proudly South African company founded in 2001 with offices established in Pretoria and Durban, servicing both local and international clients.
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Closing the gap between Theory, Training, Skill and Experience.
e-Learning Platform - HSE Accreditation, Personal Information Verification, e-Registry - Connecting Job Seekers with Employers, Learnerships & Internships
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Community based Social Education & Corporate Training, offering SAQA registered unit standard learning solutions, learner ships and internships in conjunction with the different SETA’S.
The New Beginnings Foundation is a Social Change Initiative focused on adding real value to society through the principles of effective social entrepreneurship
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A web and mobile based platform to assist in verifying credentials of job seekers.
A web and mobile based platform to assist job seekers to compile professional CV's and store online.