Most community interventions fail by imposing ‘vanilla’ product driven solutions based on cumulative standardised research. These presumptuous models later fail as patronised communities cannot endure the consequential misfit of these “academic” based solutions.

Through our community-centric approach we focus on:

  • Creation of jobs and self-employed positions.
  • Economically empowered households.
  • Skilled and trained workers.
  • Better value systems.
  • Creation of an improved atmosphere of economic upliftment and advancement.

In any business or development that is focused on principles of community, the principle of INTEGRATED living and interconnectivity is a prime component.

People-integration is essential to the successful delivery of long term projects, as well as the incorporation of green environmentally appropriate bulk services and integrated urban design for a functional built environment.

It has to be part of the original considered design as a complete solution that encompasses quality food production and provision, commercial enterprise, water and energy,  health, education and training,  and community.

According to the World Summit for Social Development in 1995, absolute poverty is defined as a condition characterised by severe deprivation of basic human needs including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. 

Food is a basic human need, agriculture is an easy access point to the national economy for any citizen.  Food production should be encouraged at every level and is seen as a primary driver of job and wealth creation.  High value, high intensity industrialized farming, urban agriculture in allotments and backyards, large and small scale outdoor agriculture. 


Equity stake in Finningley. Pioneering the use of sustainable green technologies to create self-sustaining value chains and develop an integrated, locally relevant economy.
Located in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal.
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Equity stake in Dynatrade. Screening systems, commercial greenhouses, greenhouse tunnels, greenhouse control equipment and many other products to the professional horticulture industry for the intensive cultivation of flowers, bedding plants and vegetables.
Over 33 years of experience, and 2880 completed projects
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Dynatrade has been the Priva agent for Southern Africa for the last 12 years. World leader in developing and supplying sustainable technologies for the control of indoor environments within horticulture and the built environment
Our team is trained to install and service Priva Climate Controllers and Priva Fertilizer Injection Equipment.
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