Business people are often willing and able to contract and contribute financially into the INFORMAL SECTOR via innovative projects.

The gap preventing effective and meaningful participation is the lack of information and understanding of this market.

SEGAMETSI bridges this gap with a focus on the restoration and empowerment of people in sustainable projects, within a viable business structure that that focuses on the symbiotic relationship between WELLNESS, NUTRITION, EDUCATION, TRAINING, and BUSINESS INCUBATION

Segametsi Hope empowers people and restores their dignity to ultimately be liberated from the bondage of poverty by revealing a complete wellness vision for now and the future, nurturing their confidence through practical and genuine ideas, opportunities and mentorship.

Segametsi Hope is a community organisation that aims to establish a bridge between the formal business world and the informal sector. Segametsi aspires to train, enable, place and assist individuals to start their own businesses and to support them until they are self-sustainable using our CARETM model. Segametsi Hope is a first world formal structure and gateway into the third world informal market.


Business Investment & Incubation, Business Consulting, BBEE Consulting, Project Management, Engineering, Marketing/Brand Activation, IT Systems
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Socio-Economic Land Transformation & Benefication, Sustainable Infrastructure, Greenhouse Structures, Speciality Fertilisers, Climate Control Systems
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Preventative Healthcare, Community Screening, Clinical Practitioner networks, Community Nutrition, Adult Training and Education Programmes
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Save our Schools (SOS), Smart Online Schools, Entrepreneurial Screening, Adult Education, Job Readiness & Verification, Placement, Subcontractor Development
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