In any business or development that is focused on principles of community, the principle of INTEGRATED living and interconnectivity is a prime component.  

People-integration is essential to the successful delivery of long term projects, as well as the incorporation of green environmentally appropriate bulk services and integrated urban design for a functional built environment.  

It has to be part of the original considered design as a complete solution that encompasses quality food production and provision, commercial enterprise, water and energy,  health, education and training,  and community.

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Wellness as preventative healthcare is the fundamental focus. This includes community screening, Road-to-Wellness specific protocols, Home Care Worker and Sister / Clinical Practitioner networks supported by a medical doctor for accreditation. Nutritional focus is primary for a healthy community. This prioritises quality food sources with high nutritional content, locally grown quality crops with a short field to table cycle.


Entrepreneurial screening is critical to identify potential entrepreneurs. Correctly identified and resultant training and education linked to the opportunities inherent within a community empowers them to become the future commercial leaders and job providers of their community.

Over and above the adult training and education programs, Segametsi Hope is also involved in matching school needs and wish lists with corporate sponsors through their SOS (Save our Schools) and Smart Online School initiatives.


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Recruitment, Empowerment & Placement

Platforms where job seekers can access easy-to-use templates and upload their credentials, as well as have the opportunity of increasing their credential rating via a verification process and thereby build their employment history.  

Potential employers have access to a pool of vetted job seekers and can make a much more informed match for the position available.

The ability for Corporates to load current and upcoming opportunities for job seekers where sub-contractors can view these opportunities and subsequently apply (see below).


Segametsi portal

A platform that gives individuals an opportunity to voice their needs, whether for training, employment or sponsorships, as well as a place that Corporate Sponsors can access to find potential recruits for training, employment or legitimate sponsorship opportunities


We understand that is it not always simple to compile a good CV that answers all the right questions, so we developed a  platform for job seekers to upload their credentials on easy-to-use templates


Verifying vital criteria that makes job seekers far more employable  and thereby driving a greater number of potential employers to the platform

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