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Optimisation of land to its potential is the main focus in this discipline. Property development, housing solutions, project management, agriculture and integrated solutions are all components. 

In any Development that is focused on sustainable principles of community, the principle of INTEGRATED living and interconnectivity is a prime component.  

The evolved  NEXUS principle that combines  ENERGY | WATER | AGRICULTURE , with people integration is essential to the successful delivery of long term, sustainable projects.  


Where Food Production is integrated into the water system through the management of runoff through attenuation systems such as sponge gardens, the processing of waste water through natural benefication systems, and the planning of production to best distribute water through the landscape.

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Food is a basic human need, agriculture is an easy access point to the national economy for any citizen.  Food production should be encouraged at every level and is seen as a primary driver of job and wealth creation.  High value, high intensity industrialized farming, urban agriculture in allotments and backyards, large and small scale outdoor agriculture


According to the World Summit for Social Development in 1995, absolute poverty is defined as a condition characterised by severe deprivation of basic human needs including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information


Through our community-centric approach the following are be targeted:
• Creation of jobs and self-employed positions.
• Economically empowered households.
• Skilled and trained workers.
• Better value systems.
• Creation of an improved atmosphere of economic upliftment and advancement.


Most community interventions fail by imposing ‘vanilla’ product driven solutions based on cumulative standardised research. These presumptuous models later fail as patronised communities cannot endure the consequential misfit of these “academic” based solutions.


Transport, Energy, ITC and Waste Management are required to enable the needs of modern society effectively. Progressive infrastructure development that considers the relationships and requirements necessary for sustainable growth.​

SEGAMETSI are proud to be shareholders of Dynatrade

Supplier Of Technologically Advanced Products

Dynatrade imports the most technologically advanced products and systems from Europe – undoubtedly the world-wide cradle of intensive growing.

We specialise in the import and construction of Rovero, commercial greenhouses from the Netherlands.

We offer naturally ventilated and pad-and-fan greenhouses, starting from 0.25ha. and bigger. Our greenhouses can be customised to fit your exact needs.

We do everything to get your project from an idea to a reality.

With Dynatrade you’ll have all the biggest international suppliers in the greenhouse industry under one roof.  Therefore, we can complete advanced turnkey projects with knowledge and experience.

Dynatrade has been the South African distributer of Osmocote since 2006.

Osmocote developed the world’s first controlled release fertiliser more than 50 years ago and is still regarded as the industry leader.

To get your crops growing with optimum efficiency, you need to have accurate control of your greenhouse climate.

Light, temperature, air humidity and CO2 concentration need to be effectively adjusted to one another.  You also want to be able to control the influence of the wind, rain and sunshine on the internal climate.

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